Discovering the Best Mexican Restaurants in Denver: A Guide to Authentic Flavors and Vibrant Atmospheres - (UPDATE 👍) (2023)

Short answer mexican restaurants in denver:

Denveris home to a wide variety of Mexican restaurants, serving traditional dishes such as tacos and enchiladas. Popular options include La Loma, Tacos Tequila Whiskey, and Adelitas Cocina y Cantina.

How to Choose and Enjoy Mexican Restaurants in Denver: Insider Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican culinary experience in Denver, look no further. The Mile High City ishome to countless Mexican restaurants,each with its own unique flavor and culture.

However, choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task – especially if you’re new to thearea or haven’t explored much of Denver’s local foodscene. Here are some insider tips and tricks to help you choose and enjoy the best that Mexican cuisine has to offer.

1. Research Online Reviews

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your options is by checking out online reviews from previous customers on sites like Yelp, Google, or Tripadvisor. Not only will this give insight into what others think about a particular restaurant, but it’ll also help you dodge any potential red flags early on in your search.

Keep in mind that glowing reviews may sometimes come with their caveats (e.g., accommodating server vs subpar food), so take multiple sources into account before making a decision.

2. Look For Authenticity

Authenticity is key when it comes to experiencingtrue Mexican cuisine – from spices and flavorsused regionally throughout Mexico to traditional cooking techniques rooted deeply in history. Keep an eye out for signs that suggest whether these aspects have been celebrated at each restaurant or not.

For example:

• Check if they use fresh ingredients daily.
• Look closely at how dishes are presented – are theyvibrant colors? Do aroma fills up space?
• Evaluate menu items beyond usual suspects like chips & salsa – tacos al pastor!
3. Choose A Diet I'm…

Whether vegetarianism seems impossible dramatically eatinjr keto-friendly lately dietas (“diets” ) don’t mean giving up indulgence while following lifestyle choices more strictly either impose restrictions based medical needs religious principles investing time research identifying relevant spots serving plant-based proteins satisfiestaste budswithout compromise much easier now than ever before!

So head over menus focusing exclusively non-meat protein options least veggie-filled dishes. Ask servers help navigate any uncharted territories or nook-and-cranny plates you’re unfamiliar with.

4. Consider The Atmosphere

Mexican restaurants come in various shapes and sizes, from hole-in-the-wall taco joints to modern sit-down eateries presenting as high-end fine-dining experiences of Mexican cuisine’s elegance that travels well into the contemporary age.

If ambiance is important, consider what kind of experience you’re hoping for before settling on a location. Do you prefer a more laid-back environment, or do you want something with an upscale feel? Determining your ideal vibe can ensure that get most out of your dining experience when choosing where indulgetaste buds!

5. Try Something New

Don’t be afraid to step outside familiar territory – manytraditional Mexican dishesare less known outside certain regions (eg Guadalajara) yet so popular among other cities and towns throughout Mexico.

Askauthentic spots about regional specialties little-known comfort foods– even daring combinations might surprise pleasantly delight senses without sacrificing quality! For example: cochinita pibil pork slow-cooked

Step by Step: Finding Authentic Mexican Cuisine at Top Denver Restaurants

When it comes to finding truly authentic Mexican cuisine in Denver, it can be a bit of a task. With so manyrestaurants boasting their Tex-Mex twists and fusion flavors,capturing the true essence of traditional Mexican dishes seems to be left by the wayside. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with step-by-step guide for finding the best authentic Mexican food in Denver.

Step 1: Do Your Research
The first step to finding anauthentic experienceis doing your homework on where you’re going to eat beforehand. Look forrestaurants that specialize exclusively in Mexican cuisinerather than those that have tacked on this type of menu as an afterthought. Check out online reviews from previous customers or ask around among friends and local Denver residents who enjoy Mexican food themselves.

Step 2: Peruse The Menu
Once you find some suitable options, take time to carefully go through eachmenu item and see if they offerany unique or regional fare beyond basic “Tacos al Pastor” or “Carne Asada”. Look for classics such as mole poblano, chiles en nogada, sopes or tacos de cabeza (which usually refer specifically to cow’s head). These dishes differ greatly from typical Americanized fare and reflect more traditional cooking methods.

Step 3: Observe Restaurant Environment
As much as we hate stereotypes, there are certain characteristics markers that can help narrow down prospective Mexican restaurants . First off avoid any restaurant claiming they serve burrito bowls because let’s face it burritos do not include rice- unless its refried beans rice mix which is debatable. Good ones highlight frescos ingredients like nopal cactus paddles sautéed onions/ bell peppers but most importantly does not feature Taco Bell-styled mild sauce filled bottles at every table side – especially given how little actual picante pepperflavor these fake mexicansauces contain compared real homemade Salsas made fresh daily watch tables closely make sure the sign of a good salsa is a lot more white when than orangey-brown- it means that they rely too much on cumin powdered spices and some tomato paste to add flavor. Lastlydiscover wether their piñata in kids’ areahangs up all year round or just for Cinco de Mayo.

Step 4: Meet Your Waitstaff
Although this may not sound important, asking questions about the menu prep-methids/ ingredients with wait staff can reveal quite a bit information aboutrestaurant’s authenticitylevel. Staff members at genuine Mexican food establishments are usually very willing to engage customers conversation regardingauthentic dishes like alambre (uncured grilledbeef dish), nopales salad, Camarones en Aguachile(a yummy shrimp marinated with serrano pepper) as well how diverse is definition of true tequila compared popular american tipsiness-inducing version mixed loads diluted sugar lime – aka Margarita.

By following these simple steps your palette will be back down South Americana way you’ve been craving since arriving out here The West Coast originally hails from Santiago Carne

Frequently Asked Questions About Mexican Restaurants in Denver: Your Ultimate Resource

If you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine, then Denver is undoubtedly the perfect place for you. From traditional taquerias to modern andupscale restaurants,this city has something to offer every kind of foodie.

However, if you’ve never been to a Mexican restaurant in Denver before or are just curious about what’s on offer, here are some frequently asked questions that will help guide your culinary experience:

Question 1:What should Iorder at a Mexican restaurant?

The answer really depends on your personal preference. However, some must-try dishes include tacos (of course!), enchiladas, chile rellenos,mole sauce dishes,and seafood options like ceviche or shrimp cocktail. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a classic margarita!

Question 2:How spicy is real Mexican food?

While there can be plenty ofspice involved in authenticMexican fare – particularly in certain regions like Oaxaca and Puebla – not everything is necessarily hot enough to set your mouth ablaze. You can always ask for mild versions or try different salsas until you find one that suits yourtaste buds.

Question 3:Are vegetarian/vegan options available at most places?

Many restaurants in Denver now cater to plant-based diets by offering meatless versions of traditional favorites like burritos and tacos made with grilled veggies or tofu “meat.” Plenty even have separate vegan menus available upon request.

Question 4:Do anylocal spots specialize in regional cuisinefrom Mexico?

Definitely! For example Las Delicias specializes in Northern Mexican-style quesadillas called “quesabirrias”, while Comal serves up traditional street foods from the Yucatan Peninsula such as cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork) and panuchos (crispy tortilla stuffed with black beans).

Question 5:Is tipping customarily expected?

Yes – waitstaff expect around %15-%20 tip based on table bill.

Question 6:What’s the best way to find an authentic Mexican food experience?

Talk to locals. Ask someone who grew up in or has extensively visited Mexico for a recommendation. Speaking of recommendations, we can’t end this list without mentioning our personalfavorite spot, La Casa Del Rey – a family-owned eatery that’s been consistently serving up delicious Mexico City-style tamales and green chile-smothered burritos since 1973.

In conclusion, Denver is bursting with incredible Mexican cuisine options which offer traditional dishes as well as modern takes – yourtaste budsare bound to be dazzled! Don’t forget to heed these frequently asked questions when you’re ready for your next culinary adventure.


Discovering the Best Mexican Restaurants in Denver: A Guide to Authentic Flavors and Vibrant Atmospheres - (UPDATE 👍)? ›

Established in 1922 by our beloved Tia Monica Flin, El Charro Café of Tucson, Arizona is The Nation's Oldest Mexican Restaurant in continuous operation by the same family.

How can you tell if a Mexican restaurant is real? ›

These 10 signs you've never had real Mexican food will help you determine if what you're eating is authentically Mexican or not:
  1. Everything is meat-based. ...
  2. The Food is Always Spicy. ...
  3. You Expect Differently From a Real Taco. ...
  4. You Think Mexican Food is Not Healthy. ...
  5. You Think Fajitas are Mexican. ...
  6. Queso is on Everything.

What are the four most popular flavorings in Mexican cuisine? ›

The Most Commonly Used Spices in Mexican Cooking
  • Achiote. Achiote seeds come in brilliant orange color and mildly earthy flavor. ...
  • Cinnamon. Mexican cinnamon has a floral aroma and is used in desserts, soups, and stews. ...
  • Chilli Powder. ...
  • Clove. ...
  • Coriander. ...
  • Cumin.
Feb 1, 2021

What is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the country? ›

Established in 1922 by our beloved Tia Monica Flin, El Charro Café of Tucson, Arizona is The Nation's Oldest Mexican Restaurant in continuous operation by the same family.

What is the difference between authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex? ›

One of the major differences is that Tex-Mex tends to use beef, which is readily available in Texas, whereas authentic Mexican uses pork. Tex-Mex may also use other ingredients not typically found in Mexican dishes, such as: Yellow cheese. Wheat flour.

What's the difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican food? ›

The Tex-Mex meaning can be most simply summed up by the different types of ingredients used. Tex-Mex recipes feature the use of chili powder, a savory mix of ground chile peppers with spices including cumin, oregano, and black pepper. Alternatively, Mexican recipes call for chile peppers, not the chili seasoning blend.

What is the #1 sauce used in Mexico? ›

Valentina is arguably the most popular Mexican hot sauce in Mexico. This might be the most classic hot sauce you could choose, and it goes with practically everything. This sauce uses puya chiles and the flavor is more chile-forward than vinegar. Use Valentina with your main course, especially seafood!

What are 5 important ingredients in Mexican cuisine? ›

10 Essential Ingredients in Mexican Cooking
  • Chilli Peppers. Chillies are indigenous to Mexico and have been an important part of the food for thousands of years. ...
  • Corn. Corn is the main source of grain in Mexican cuisine. ...
  • Tortillas. No Mexican pantry is complete without tortillas. ...
  • Beans. ...
  • Avocado. ...
  • Limes. ...
  • Herbs. ...
  • Tomatoes.

What is the most important Mexican food? ›

Corn is the main base of Mexican cuisine. Corn, chili, and beans were the “holy trinity” of food for Mesoamerican civilizations. In fact, corn is the source of great Mexican dishes such as 'enchiladas', 'huaraches', 'machetes', 'tlacoyos', 'sopes', 'molotes' and 'quesadillas'.

What is a true Mexican dish? ›

Authentic Mexican food is usually cooked in cast iron skillets, steamed or fried. Examples of Authentic Mexican food you can find in Atlanta include salsa, tomatillos, tamales, and enchiladas. You can usually find these Mexican dishes at local Mexican restaurants.

What is the oldest restaurant in the world USA? ›

The White Horse Tavern is a National Historic Landmark being America's oldest restaurant, having served guests since 1673. The White Horse Tavern was originally constructed as a two-story, two-room residence for Francis Brinley. It was acquired by William Mayes, Sr.

What was the first chain of Mexican food in the US? ›

Miguel Martinez, founder of Dallas' El Fenix, the nation's first Mexican chain and the torchbearer of the Tex-Mex revolution, was an immigrant dishwasher working at the Oriental Hotel in downtown Dallas a century ago when he decided to open the Martinez Café in the front room of his house.

What is the most old restaurant in the world? ›

Memorialized by frequent patron Ernest Hemingway in his book The Sun Also Rises, Madrid's Botín—open since 1725—holds the Guinness World Record for oldest restaurant.

What are 3 common dishes of Tex-Mex region? ›

Fajitas, chili, nachos—these are all cornerstones of Tex-Mex cuisine. To be fair, for years people living in Texas did refer to these as Mexican food, and it's only been in the past 40 years or so that the term Tex-Mex started to be widely adopted.

Is Tex-Mex better than California Mexican food? ›

Cal-Mex uses more of the lighter meats and seafood, while Tex-Mex goes more for beef and pork. Cal-Mex is lighter, not as spicy and more subtle, while Tex-Mex is bolder, spicier and more in-your-face.

What kind of meat is Tex-Mex? ›

Tex-Mex cuisine is characterized by its heavy use of shredded cheese, beans, meat (particularly chicken, beef, and pork), chili peppers, and spices, in addition to flour tortillas.

What are the 4 pillars of Mexican cuisine? ›

Known as a very Mayan region, the Yucatan has 4 defining pillars of cooking: Achiote, citrus, habaneros, and smoke.

What is not authentic Mexican food? ›

“Mexican” Foods They Don't Have in Mexico
  • Mexican Pizza. There's a good chance that many of our readers immediately thought of Taco Bell when they read the name of this entrée. ...
  • Chimichangas. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the “true origins” of chimichangas. ...
  • Sour Cream Enchiladas. ...
  • Crispy Tacos.
Jun 15, 2017

Does authentic Mexican food have cheese? ›

What you may not realize is that cheese is not always included in Mexican dishes. Americanized versions of Mexican foods often do have some form of cheese or another, but authentic cuisine omits cheese a good portion of the time. Street tacos, for example, are not served with cheese in Mexico.

Which is better Valentina or Cholula? ›

Known for its distinctive wood top, Cholula is thinner and slightly spicier than Valentina, with an official rating of 1,000 SHU. It also has a complex chile profile, thanks to the use of two kinds — arbol and piquin. With 110 milligrams of salt per teaspoon, it's nearly twice as salty as Valentina.

What's better Tapatio or Cholula? ›

Cholula hot sauce takes the winner's trophy for being the best when it comes to taste and nutrition. Between the top two hot sauces, Cholula scored extra points for having a lower sodium count than Tapatio (85 mg vs. 110 mg per serving). Dash some on at your next meal to rev up your metabolism and your taste buds, too.

Do Mexicans use Cholula? ›

Cholula. This is probably the most common Mexican hot sauce north of the border. Originating in Jalisco, Mexico, it has a sharp burst of heat from the Piquin peppers. A reliable, general purpose hot sauce.

What is the most eaten Mexican food in Mexico? ›

A typical dish to eat in Mexico are tacos: corn pancakes stuffed with meat, red, yellow and green chilis, with onion and tomato. The meat can be chicken or beef, and without a doubt, it is one of the most typical internationally-known dishes of Mexico.

What is the most popular drink in Mexico? ›

1. Tequila. Of all the popular shots in Mexico, tequila is the most famous, and it's found behind bars all over the world.

What do Mexicans eat for breakfast? ›

Breakfast in Mexico is almost always a mix of simple ingredients – eggs, beans, salsa and tortillas. But add in ingredients such as chorizo, bacon and sausage with fresh Mexican flavours and you have something truly epic.

What time is breakfast eaten in Mexico? ›

In Mexican culture people usually have 3 big meals a day:

Desayuno (breakfast) is the most important one. It takes place first thing in the morning, anytime between 7am -10 am.

Do Mexicans use vinegar? ›

White vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and sugarcane vinegar (vinagre de caña) are popular, but Mexico also has a rich culture of fruit vinegars, which are often homemade using fruits such as pineapple and banana.

What oil do Mexicans cook with? ›

When it comes to using fats in recipes, you won't find butter in classic Mexican cuisine. Today, most cooks will use vegetable oil, but the more traditional fat to cook with is lard. Lard, which is pig fat, gives a wonderful flavor to refried beans and the masa (cornflour dough) used for tamales.

What is a typical lunch in Mexico? ›

Tortillas, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Burritos, and Tamales are all made with 'Masa,' a maize flour dough. The taco is the most well-known of Mexico's street meals, and its origins may be traced back to a pre-Hispanic practice of scooping up other foods with tortillas.

How do people dress in Mexico? ›

Mexican style includes everything from traditional dresses to fashionable jeans and stylish tops. Most Mexicans dress more modestly, including wearing jeans and pants even in the warmest months.

What is the biggest meal in Mexican culture? ›

The most important meal of the day is lunch (comida) and normally served between 1 and 3 p.m. Supper (cena) is served late, usually after 8 p.m. and is a light snack, although in urban areas supper can be an elaborate affair eaten at restaurants.

What are the 2 most popular foods in Mexico? ›

Like tacos and burritos, enchiladas are among the most popular Mexican foods outside of Mexico. They consist of rolled corn tortillas stuffed with a variety of fillings like meat, beans, cheese, potatoes, and vegetables before being drenched in a sauce.

What do Mexican eat daily? ›

General. Mexicans drink lots of milk, like salty foods more than sweet foods, eat an average of 6 tortillas every day, and have a traditional domestic diet: soup, rice, and stew, without leaving out salsa and beans…

How healthy is Mexican food? ›

A lot of Mexican dishes contain corn and beans. They are both rich in soluble fiber that keeps you feeling full and helps food to move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination. Apart from that, it also helps lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

Are enchiladas real Mexican food? ›

Enchiladas are a traditional Mexican dish with a unique flavor and a very long history. Their delicious taste has made them a popular menu item at many Mexican restaurants. With the perfect combination of tortilla, meat, cheese, and sauce, enchiladas have become a symbol of a traditional Mexican meal.

What is the oldest black owned restaurant in America? ›

Jones Bar-B-Q Diner (Marianna, AR)

Touted as being the oldest Black-owned restaurant in the United States, Jones Bar-B-Q Diner has been operating since the 1910s.

What is the oldest pizza company? ›

Welcome to America's First Pizzeria®, Est. 1905 | NYC

Lombardi is credited with developing New York Style pizza and making Lombardi's the first pizzeria in the United States.

What is the oldest fast-food? ›

Most historians agree that the American company White Castle was the first fast-food outlet, starting in Wichita, Kansas in 1916 with food stands and founding in 1921, selling hamburgers for five cents apiece from its inception and spawning numerous competitors and emulators.

Where is the best Mexican food in the US? ›

Best Mexican restaurants in America
  1. Cosme, New York City. Restaurants. ...
  2. Empellón Cocina, New York City. Restaurants. ...
  3. Cala, San Francisco. Restaurants. ...
  4. Guelaguetza, Los Angeles. Restaurants. ...
  5. La Casita Mexicana, Los Angeles. Restaurants. ...
  6. Topolobampo, Chicago. Restaurants. ...
  7. Fonda San Miguel, Austin. ...
  8. Mary and Tito's, Albuquerque.
Dec 16, 2015

What did Mexicans eat 100 years ago? ›

In ancient Mexico, the dog, turkey, and duck were the only domesticated livestock; sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, and horses were introduced by the Sapnish. The Aztecs' basic diet therefore tended towards vegetables and fruits, supplemented by game animals, fish, turkeys, and other birds, and various kinds of insects.

What is the longest running restaurant in the world? ›

Sobrino de Botín is a Spanish restaurant in Madrid, and the oldest restaurant in the world in continuous operation. The artist Francisco de Goya worked in Café Botín as a waiter while waiting to get accepted into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

What does Sobrino de Botin mean in English? ›

After Mrs. Botin passed away, the establishment was inherited by her nephew who changed the restaurant's name to Sobrino de Botin, meaning "Botin's Nephew" in Spanish.

What city has the oldest restaurant in the world? ›

Meanwhile, Restaurante Botín in Madrid, Spain, has probably been through a few leases. Founded in 1725, it's recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest restaurant in the world.

What qualifies as authentic Mexican food? ›

Authentic Mexican cuisine is characterized by fresh ingredients that are local to Mexico, including tomatoes, chile, spices like coriander and epazote, and lots of corn–for example, most tortillas would be corn based, and corn either ground or whole kernels feature into the cuisine prominently.

What is an example of a true authentic Mexican food? ›

Authentic Mexican food is usually cooked in cast iron skillets, steamed or fried. Examples of Authentic Mexican food you can find in Atlanta include salsa, tomatillos, tamales, and enchiladas. You can usually find these Mexican dishes at local Mexican restaurants.

How do you tell if a restaurant is a tourist trap? ›

5 Ways To Spot a Tourist Trap Restaurant
  1. The Menu is in Multiple Languages. ...
  2. Novelty or Gimmick Factor. ...
  3. There's a Long List of Foreign Dishes. ...
  4. It's Always Crowded. ...
  5. Overpriced.

How do you tell if a restaurant is a chain? ›

Are any of them a chain of restaurants? Technically, as multi-unit, multi-site and multi-concept operators, all with more than three independent restaurants and a single company headquarters, yes, they are chains.

What are the 3 main ingredients in Mexican food? ›

But, keeping in mind the country's unique culinary traditions, it's fair to say that Mexican cuisine depends on three core staples: corn, beans, and chiles.

What are 4 popular Mexican dishes? ›

Don't leave Mexico without trying…
  • Chilaquiles. This popular traditional breakfast dish features lightly fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with green or red salsa (the red is slightly spicier). ...
  • Pozole. ...
  • Tacos al pastor. ...
  • Tostadas. ...
  • Chiles en nogada. ...
  • Elote. ...
  • Enchiladas. ...
  • Mole.
Jan 24, 2023

What is the show hidden cameras for restaurants? ›

The show focuses on the Mystery Diners, an organization that goes undercover at specific restaurants at their owners' requests, and sets up undercover stings and unseen surveillance cameras to catch misbehaving restaurant employees in the act.

Are tourists always expected to leave a tip? ›

Generally speaking, tipping is acceptable in many African and European countries, as well as in India and Malaysia. “They're not mandatory,” she says, “but they're truly needed.” In Australia and Japan, service workers may regard tipping as “intrusive and rude,” she adds. And in China, a tip may be seen as a bribe.

What is hidden restaurant? ›

An underground restaurant, sometimes known as a supper club or closed door restaurant, is a social dining restaurant operated out of someone's home, generally bypassing local zoning and health-code regulations. They are usually advertised by word of mouth or unwanted advertising.

What is the most common chain restaurant? ›

Top 250: The Ranking
4Taco Bell
46 more rows

What are the characteristics of a fine dining restaurant? ›

The food at a fine dining establishment will be of the highest quality, made with luxurious ingredients, and served in unique and beautiful presentations. The quality of the dishware and cutlery is also higher, and often the décor and even the architecture of the restaurant building is notable.

How much does a chain restaurant owner make? ›

Average Restaurant Owner Salary Per Year

How much does a restaurant owner make? You will be surprised to know that the owners of restaurants can take home anywhere from $24,000 to $155,000 per year. The average annual pay for those in this field is about $72,600 per year.


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