Holiday in the Zillertal | Walking and cycling (2023)

Nature holiday Austria- One of the most versatile areas for a holiday in the Austrian Alps is the Zillertal in Tyrol. In winter, the Zillertal Arena attracts avid winter sports enthusiasts from all over Europe. In thesummerthrill seekers come whizzing over the valley on a zipline and mountain enthusiasts visit the region to enjoy beautiful nature on amountain hike.

Dal in Tirol

The main valley ofTyrolis the Inn Valley, through which the Inn flows, with Innsbruck as the largest city. Rivers meander from the Inn valley through various side valleys. These side valleys are often very beautiful and worth a visit. ItZillertalis a valley that stands out. It opens wide to the visitor at the beginning, before splitting into other, narrower side valleys at the end, again surrounded by high peaks and glaciers.

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In and around the cozy towns in theZillertal in Austriaare many tourists. Higher up the mountain it soon becomes quieter and you enjoy the atmosphere on the Alpine pastures, with cows, you can hear from afar by their clanking bells. You can also hear the tinkling of the sheep bells. They have their domain here in the summer. Alpine roses, gentians and edelweiss adorn the mountain slopes.

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You can also enjoy beautiful walks in the Zillertal in autumn: the autumn colors are particularly beautiful and on the higher paths you may be walking in the snow. That contrasts beautifully with the red bushes that you see everywhere. In winter, the Zillertal is very popular for winter sports.

Most beautiful places in the Zillertal

Where to stay in the Zillertal? Which places make a good base to see the most beautiful sights of the Zillertal? The Zillertal Alps invite you to go hiking, but mountain bikers and cyclists can also indulge themselves. An overview of beautiful places and fun activities.

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1. Zillertal Höhenstrasse

The many routes in the Zillertal make it a paradise for hikers. But there is also a lot to experience by car or bicycle. For example, alternate walking with this onepanoramaroute. Via 5 different access routes you can reach the 35 kilometer long road.

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OfZillertal High Road, which is accessible up to 2,020 m, is the highest road that can be driven on. It is one of the most beautiful Alpine roads in Austria with a beautiful panorama over the Zillertal. Enjoy dazzling views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Along the mountain road you will pass several eateries and cafes. Also themarmotlandsomewhere halfway is recommended: here you will meet the most famous inhabitants of the area, the marmots!

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2. Schlegeis reservoir

The 13.3 km longSchlegeis Alpenstrassestarts at an altitude of 1,000 meters near the town of Ginzling, through all kinds of bends and tunnels at theSchlegeis reservoirto come out. You can walk over the dam and take beautiful pictures of the intense blue water. With a guide you can discover the inside of the dam.

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Several hikes lead from the car park through the Zillertal Alps. On the slopes around the reservoir you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the blue water.

3. Rastkogelhütte

One of our favorite hiking areas in the Zillertal is the area around theRastkogel. The departure car park is also located along Zillertal Höhenstrasse.

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You can walk directly to the Hütte via a wide path, but it is much nicer to hike over the mountain ridges. This route leads over sharp ridges, with breathtaking views of the landscape. Beautiful in all seasons!

4. Waterfalls

The Schleier waterfall in Hart can be reached via a bird learning path, where you can get acquainted with 40 bird species that occur here while walking. The 91 meter high waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Zillertal. The hiking route starts at 300 m from the church in Hart im Zillertal.

Austria's highest waterfall is also nearby. Krimml is a town that is best known for the Krimmler Waterfall, with a 380 meter drop.

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Nice places in the Zillertal

There is always something to do in the villages in the Zillertal!

1. Zell am Ziller

Zell im Zillertal is located in the heart of the valley. The Gauder Fest takes place here on the first weekend of May, which attracts thousands of tourists.

During the summer months you can participate in all kinds of fun adrenaline activities: the Arena Coaster, the Arena Skyliner or the Gerlosstein Via Ferrata. TheArena Coasteris an Alpine roller coaster and offers tobogganing fun all year round. Race 1,450 meters on the toboggan run! TheArena Skylinercan be reached with the Gerlossteinbahn. With the Almflieger you can whiz over the valley at a great height, the adrenaline rushes through your body! Fun events are also planned for the little ones.

2. Gerlos

Gerlos is a nice place for oneholiday with children in the Zillertal. Numerous children's activities are organized during the summer holidays. You can easily reach the highest mountain tops with the gondola.

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Active families can also enjoy rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, swimming, pedal boating and windsurfing. There is a climbing park, a climbing tower and a climbing garden. In the Erlebnisgarten Riederklamm there are 2 Flying Fox routes; fly over a length of 200 meters and at a height of 80 meters at lightning speed over the Riederklamm gorge. The Hochseilgarten is a kind of obstacle course at a height of 10-15 meters, with tree trunks, ropes and cables.

3. Reith

Reith is an attractive Austrian village where peace and fun activities go hand in hand. From the higher places you have a beautiful view over the Alpbach valley.

4. Kaltenbach

In the middle of the Zillertal, in the town of Kaltenbach, lies the most spectacular adventure park in Tyrol, the Outdoorcenter Zillertal. In this adventure experience park you can via ferrata in seven routes with different degrees of difficulty. Do you dare to take on the 'X-treme Wasserfall course', where you climb over a waterfall? Reserve a spot!

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5. Mayrhofen

In Mayrhofen, the Fun Sport Station is the "place to be" for adventure activities. Stroll over the water in an inflatable ball, conquer the walls of the climbing course or whiz over the mountain roads on a mountain scooter! Birds of prey show off their best tricks on the Adlerbühne.

6. Join

Let the Spieljochbahn take you to the mountain station. There are numerous walking paths and a nice playground around this modern building.Try the walls in the climbing park or walk a barefoot path. The toboggan run is also great fun for young and old! In winter it is a wonderful winter sports area.

7. Dornauberg-Ginzling

The ultimate kick can be found at the dam of the Schlegeis reservoir. The 600 meter long Flying Fox Schlegeis 131 is a zip line where you whiz over the reservoir at lightning speed. Can also be combined with a via ferrata.

8. Tux

The best attraction of Tux is the ice palace. Can be visited all year round, on the Hintertux glacier. Imagine yourself an ice fairy in the magical world of ice. Discover the inside of a glacier and walk through a real crevasse, see a frozen waterfall and a glacial lake. Make sure you wear warm clothes, because it is always 0 degrees Celsius in the natural ice palace. Access for children from 6 years old.

Hiking in the Zillertal

Hiking trails of all levels lead through the mountains to the various mountain huts. Many of those routes start at the Zillertaler Höhenstrasse. Along the way you can enjoy breathtaking nature and bright green alpine meadows with cows.

One of the well-known routes is theBerliner Höhenweg, which leads right through the heart of the Zillertal Alps. 70 km where you conquer 6,700 meters of altitude. The entire trek leads from the Gamshütte via several other mountain huts to the Karl-von-Edel-Hütte, but from each hut there is the option to descend to the lower villages and end the hike earlier.

Veil waterfall round, near Hintertux (on the road in the extension of the town of Tux). A nice circular walk of 11 km. You pass several waterfalls.

ItSchlegeis Reservoiris also a nice starting point for several hiking trails in the mountains. The view of the azure blue water behind the dam is worth the climb!

Peter Habeler round
The well-known climber Peter Habeler comes from the Zillertal and has achieved great achievements all over the world. The Peter Habeler Trek is a circular walk and hut tour named after him. The tour starts and ends in Vals. There is a free parking space at Nockeralmen. There is also a bus stop with connection from St. Jodok am Brenner.

The trek is 56 kilometers long and is usually completed in 7 days. You can spend the night in mountain huts. The tour is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in Austria.

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From Schwaz the trek to theKellerjoch(2,344 m) worth the effort. The walk is 12 km long and bridges 900 altimeters. At the tip is the chapel, but the final goal of the hike is the Kellerjochhütte a little further on.

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Winter sports in the Zillertal

OfZillertal Arenais the largestwinter sports areaof the region and extends from the Zillertal to Salzburg. The area includes Zell am Ziller, Gerlos, Königsleiten/Wald and Krimml. You can also hike here in the sunny months.

Some winter sports enthusiasts prefer winter sports further southMayrhofenofFinkenbergbecause the mountains are higher here. At Hintertux you can ski on a glacier all year round, with a view that extends to Italy and Switzerland in good weather.

Train to the Zillertal

Traveling sustainably? Your trip to the Zillertal is very easy by train. The newÖBB Nightjetdeparts every day in the evening from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem to Tyrol. You will then arrive in the morning in Jenbach, in the Zillertal! Ideal because this way you can travel to Austria sustainably and without traffic jams.

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Train journey

Sustainable travel to southern Germany, Tyrol and Switzerland, you do that with the night train from the Netherlands. Depart in the evening, arrive early in the morning.

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Zillertalbahn - Ride by train

Even once you are in the Zillertal, we have a nice train tip. The Zillertalbahn runs from Jenbach to Mayrhofen. The diesel trains here are gradually being replaced by hydrogen trains. Along the way, beautiful mountain landscapes pass you by.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for an attractive chalet or a group accommodation? Then be sure to check out our tips for fun and uniqueovernight stays in the Zillertal.

In addition to the Zillertal, there are other beautiful valleys and mountains in Tyrol. How about the Karwendel Mountains, or one of the many beautiful gorges. Check out all our tips on what tosee in Tyrol.


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