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How to benefit from Club Premier Aeroméxico? (2023) (4)

Alexandre DesoutterUpdated June 9, 2022


Traveling often for work or to discover the world has many advantages, because today, thanks to rewards programs such as Aeroméxico's Club Premier, customers can be rewarded with discounts on their purchases or assistance for their next trips and stays.

If you travel frequently, surely you are wonderingWhat does Club Premier Aeroméxico give me and how can I use my points?

Below we explain in depth what it is about, who can be part of the program, how to use the accumulated Club Premier Aeroméxico points and what benefits it provides for the safety of your trip and that of your family or company.

What is Club Premier Aeroméxico?

The Premier Club isa rewards programthat was createdby the Aeroméxico companyand which consists ofreward its members with Club Premier Aeroméxico pointsfor their trips and daily purchases. Points are accumulated through purchases made at any of the participating companies such as hotel chains, online stores, different airlines and businesses from different sectors.

With Club Premier Aeroméxico points accumulatedmultiple benefits can be purchased such as stays in luxury hotels,cheap flightswithin Mexico or anywhere in the world,travel accessories,store itemsonline and more.

If you travel regularly you expose yourself to more risksassociated with travel, for this a travel insurance covers you in a large number of situations.To choose the best travel insurance, do not hesitate to use our comparator now.

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How to obtain the Club Premier Aeroméxico card?

get yourClub Premier card is very easy and it's totally free. You only have to:

  1. visit theofficial websitefor Club Premier Aeroméxico
  2. enter youremail
  3. complete theformwith all your data.

Immediatelyyou will receive your membership numberand in just a few weeksthey will send you the Club Premier cardto your address so you can start accumulating points and receive your rewards.

You also have the option to sign up and get your Club Premier cardthrough the Club Premier Aeroméxico applicationwhich is available on Android and IOS systems.

What you should know

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What are the Club Premier Aeroméxico card benefits?

These aresome of the benefitsthat you can get by joining the Club Premier program:

  • Flights to Mexico and abroad: This is one of the biggest attractions since your points will allow you to pay part or all of the cost of your plane ticket.
  • Hosting several hotels in Mexico and the world: You can pay for stays at affiliated hotels with your points, and even when you arrive at the hotel you can continue using your Club Premier card with which you can continue generating points with your purchases at the hotel.
  • Car rental service: You can book or pay for a car rental when you go on a trip, which will make your stay much faster and easier.
  • Acquire exclusive items and promotions from stores affiliated with the club: You can take advantage of all the discounts on beauty items, home, toys, appliances, fuel, among many others.
  • Recreational activities: You can benefit from experiences such as dinners, diving classes, balloon flights, park tickets, or anything else you can think of. Every month they do auctions, where if you win, your fee will be the price of your experience.
  • Medical assistance and cancellation: You can benefit from medical coverage during your trip and the possibility of canceling or modifying your flight at no cost.

It's important to put attention onthe medical care provided by Club Premier is not enoughto solve urgent needs that may arise on your trip.It also does not cover in situations of loss of documents abroad. That is why it is very important that you are protected with travel insurance. We make your search easythanks to our travel insurance comparatorthat you can use from now on.

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How to become a Club Premier member?

If this is the first time you register online as a member, you should know thatYou can do it individually or as a family and it's free. Follow the next steps:

  • Enter the official Club Premier siteand start the registration with your email
  • fill in the boxeswith your personal data and those of your family.You can register up to 5 membersincluding spouse and minor children.
  • Assign a holder and add the accountsso they can transfer points to each other
  • An email will validate your registration and that's it.

Club Premier Aeroméxico also developed a program for companies and their collaborators. To be a member you just have toregister the company, designate a representative and begin to accumulate points with each business flight, hotel night, car rental and other services that are paid with Club Premier Aeroméxico American Express or Club Premier Santander Aeroméxico of your company.

What you should know

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How much does Club Premier cost?

Registration to be part of Club Premier is free and very simple. In addition, as we have mentioned before, you can register all your relatives in your Family Plan or your company in a corporate plan.

For partners, there are a number ofClub Premier price levelsto those who can reach in the program based on accumulated points.

  • Gold Level:Accumulating 50,000 Premier Points
  • Platinum Level:Accumulating 80,000 Premier Points
  • Titanium level:Accumulating 100,000 Points.

You can buy points if you want from $15 US dollars plus VAT for 1,000 points up to 70,000 points. You can make up to three purchases per month.For the rest, registration and membership of Club Premier is free.

How to activate Club Premier?

As we have mentioned before, to activate your Club Premier Aeroméxico account number,you must enroll online and start accumulating the pointsthat generate rewards.

There are several ways to get points, one of them isregistering your flights with Aeroméxico, because whenever you fly with Aeroméxico you accumulate Premier Points depending on the category in which you travel. Thus, for example, a kilometer flown is equivalent to a first point.

The same way,if you pay for your flight with the Club Premier Aeroméxico American Express card o Club Premier Aeroméxico Santander, and enter your Club Premier Member Number you can accumulate points twice.

How do I know my Club Premier Aeroméxico number?

You can know or view the club numberat the bottom of your membership card or from your Club Premier Aeroméxico accountthrough theapp or website. If for any reason you have forgotten or lost your membership number, and need telephone helpYou can communicate from anywhere in the world at 800 800 56800.

Knowing the membership number is important because it will allow you to shop at participating affiliated companies and accumulate club points.

What you should know

Before traveling to the USA you need to read this article abouttravel insurance for the United States.

How to buy at Club Premier Aeroméxico?

There are many companies that award premier points for each purchase. Each of the affiliated companies hasdifferent ways to assign a value to points, so it's important to be well informed before making any purchases or claiming any rewards.

Also, at checkout, you mustindicate your Club Premier Member number, in this way the points will be charged to your Club Premier Aeroméxico account.

Where can I use my Club Premier card?

Using your card allows you to accumulate Premier Points, for this you have the following options:

  • Buy certain goods or services inClub Premier affiliated businessesas:
    • Aeromexico Airlines
    • Online Cruises
    • Hotels online
    • Hotel chains
    • Line
    • UberEats
    • G500
    • Poplar Medical Laboratory
    • Etc.
  • Transfer points from other programsClub Premier rewards
  • Have a Club Premier Aeroméxico Santander or Club Premier Aeroméxico American Express card
  • When making a purchase or transaction you mustidentify you as a Club Premier memberto generate points, which will be reflected in your Club Premier Aeroméxico account in accordance with the terms established by the merchant in question
  • It is important that you consider thatthe point accumulation percentage is not fixedsince it varies and will depend on the company or affiliated business and its sector.

So if you are already a Club Premier member or you plan to do so, don't forget to put your Club Premier card in your wallet, since when you visit some of the establishments with which they have an agreement you will have to show it to validate the accumulation of points.If you are about to travel using your Club Premier card, do not forget to add travel insurance that covers you in cases in which you are left unprotected, such as theft of documentation.

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How much are Club Premier Aeroméxico points worth?

Sometimes it may happen that you need points to complete a purchase. If that is your case, remember thatyou can buy Premier Pointsyou need to get the experience you want.

Just consider the following:

  • The price for each1,000 Premier PointsIt isUSD$15.00dollars plus VAT.
  • apply inblocks of 1,000 Premier Points; and is limited to amaximum of 70,000Premier Points per purchase.
  • The purchase of Premier Points is limited to3 transactions in a 30 day periodper partner.

Do not forget that if you are outside of Mexico,the collection will be made in Mexican pesos at the current exchange rateat the time of the transaction.

How to use Club Premier Aeroméxico points?

To use your Club Premier points or exchange them for the followingoptions:

  • Plane tickets
  • by differentitems in the Club Premier Aeroméxico Online Store
  • Byrewardswith main partners
  • flightswith Aeroméxico and SkyTeam airlines
  • Hotel staysin Mexico and abroad
  • rent cars
  • purchase itemsfrom the online store
  • ComprarMovie tickets.

In the same way, you can use your points for additional services at the time of the flight, extra luggage, etc. You can also find a complete list of companies affiliated with the Aeroméxico Premier Club by visiting the official site.

What you should know

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How to load Club Premier Aeroméxico points?

The ways to load points are:

  • Acquire goods or services in affiliated businessesto Club Premier of Aeroméxico. Remember that the percentage of accumulation will vary depending on the participating company.
  • Have aSantander Aeroméxico or American Express Aeroméxico credit card. Both institutions offer Premier Points as a permanent reward when using credit cards with the airline. You will also be able to access welcome bonuses and other advantages when traveling, so they may be of interest to you if you frequently leave the city or the country.
  • When making a purchase or transaction you mustidentify yourself as a Club Premier Aeroméxico member to generate points, which will be reflected in your Club Premier account in accordance with the terms established by the merchant in question.

If you didn't register your Club Premier points when you booked a flight, affiliated hotel or made a purchase at participating stores, don't worry,you can register your invoices online and credit your Club Premier points easily. You just have to enter your Club Premier Aeroméxico account number and select the type of product or service you purchased, register the invoice and that's it.

How many points are needed for an international flight?

Club Premier provides you with prices when traveling abroad. The following table illustrates some examples:

DestinyClub Premier Aeroméxico Points
EuropaFrom 104,000 Premier Points in low season and 160,000 in high season.
CanadaFrom 56,000 Premier Points in low season and 112,000 in high season.
AsiaFrom 112,000 Premier Points in low season and 180,000 in high season.

The value in Club Premier Aeroméxico points of a trip abroad will depend on the destination, the season and the type of ticket you want.Do not forget that the total amount of your trip must include travel insurance that protects you in case of medical assistance or theft of your luggage. To help you decide which insurance is right for youconsult our travel insurance comparator adjusted to your destination and needs.

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When do Club Premier points expire?

If you are worried that the Club Premier Aeroméxico points that you have accumulated thanks to your trips and purchases will expire, you have to know thatpoints do not expire as long as you have at least one earning activity in a 24-month period.

As you seethe term is very long, in whichyou can keep your points by making at least one purchase during the period of 2 yearsat any of the affiliated companies or using your Club Premier Aeroméxico American Express if you have one.

How to recover Club Premier Aeroméxico points?

If your Club Premier Aeroméxico points have expired after 24 months of not having carried out any accumulation activity,it is possible to recover them safely up to 12 months after their expiration date by comparing them at a preferential price of up to 40% lessfor Premier Points.

To get them back you mustlog in to your Club Premier Aeroméxico account or communicating with the Telephone Assistance Center. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of Premier Points to be recovered is the one corresponding to the expired balance.

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