My British Airways Flight Experience, Flying London City Airport To Glasgow (2023)


Join me on the Vlog that was not suppose to happen ha! My British Airways Flight Experience, Flying London City Airport To Glasgow.



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Well, it is officially home.


I am done here in London great few days here, um yesterday, tired me out so I'm really tired today, epic epic day yesterday.

And so, but yeah, day one day, two, uh, the egx event, London Excel yesterday, that was amazing so I, don't know, I I, don't know, if you've watched the film yet or not the way I do that film I don't know, if you've watched the Vlog yet, hey, that's so tired of them, um, if you haven't watched the Vlog yet, it's, probably my previous video and it's Orlando themed day here in London.

So I, don't know, if you could get a lot of cool things and got the Skyliner and um, Disney Store and all that stuff so much to to park in there, but have a look at that if you wish, but for today, I'm just traveling home, I did say, I, wasn't going to Vlog this.

So I stuck in a bonus.



Am flying and they're going to bed in this class was ba from London City Airport up to Glasgow and I'm just about to check out the Hampton by Hilton, but I've been staying here this weekend.

So yeah, feel free to join me on this journey.

Hopefully you enjoy if it's the first time watching me welcome subscribe.

If you like the video all that stuff, but yeah, let's go and enjoy to travel day to day back home.

So let's, go one last look at this amazing view that I have yep, I'm, Gonna, Miss, This view like patiently, waiting for me all right key.

So checked out the hotel now on the walk towards the city of London Airport, which should only take me about 15 minutes to walk and see the airport just over there, I'm on the other side of the water.

If you haven't seen my previous videos from London City, Airport, oh, he's coming over and have a little look on this side.

Oh, the plane's lined up one, waiting for me, hopefully mine leaves at 1pm and it's just coming up for 11AM.

Just now I'm gonna take the stairs and go over this bridge with the traffic lights on it telling you to go or not to go when the bridge lifts the plane up there, look at the view of London from here.

It is very windy today.

So goodbye, London exhale, who knows whenever we bike down here? But back here for an event or such say, goodbye, London, it's, fairly windy, hopefully it doesn't affect my flight, hopefully quite he's down for it.

A few people fishing just now, oh, it's, very fresh it's, more very fresh there's, a plane, just Landing just now I'm just about to miss it Landing that would have been great timing.

If I was just there, which I'm not, but it's landed that's, a shame be able to see it in everything Mill.

Maybe here, no so we're, not I wouldn't have made it.

Anyway, caution jet blast.

That was me this morning doing my stretches, wake me up after yesterday's epic day.

This will be our stretch nearly there, oh let's say that we're here welcome to on this airport.

But another five minute walk to where I need to be one thing.

I have definitely walked and walked and walked this weekend.

So yeah, I mean, if you're watching this video, you see how much I walked in one day, so I, don't know what I've walked over the weekends I need to look at that, but I have arrived.

Let's, go and see if I can get checked in everything.

Yeah, yeah.

Sure escalator is broken.

I just have to go through security.

So see you on the other side? Guys.

Thank you.


Thank you have a good day.

So through security and just chilling with a caramel latte.

I am next to this flight here.

This is not my flight.

Just chilling out of the way there's one taken off now it's pretty cool.


So I've got another 45 minutes until my gate is announced so I'm just gonna turn it.

So I'm just gonna show you enjoy this coffee so don't, mind and drink.


Cheers, that's, good, that's, good, expensive, airport, coffee in here, just about to leave as a locks here.

No Aviation vlogger.

That was pretty cool.

A cool looking plane might even get to see it take off I think it's going to be another full fight today because I did ask for a window seat.

Man, I couldn't, get one so I'm going to be in the aisle again and I can't record out the window because I can't get near it.

So sorry for that, because I like to look at the window and I like to record it as well just so my experiences just for documenting it because it's, pretty cool I think, instead of the window I like some of the window.

Would you prefer? Do you prefer the window? But it's also pretty cool.

Just sitting watching the planes take off here, I can't, really see any land, but it's a great I've.

Just walked right along to a lot of different Gates and pick one that's quite just now.

This is so the way away from all the hustle and bustle there's that one taken off.

Now, my managed to just catch it that one's just arrived it's, not happening.

This one that was next to me making its way out to take off time to go get five that's.

It time to go.

Thank you.

Thank you foreign always afternoon.

Everybody sorry, I had to double check that is just changed over recently.

Good, um, very warm.

Welcome I.

Bought this bridge is probably eight, seven two two to Glasgow operated by VA City flyer I'm, the captain.

My name is Anthony Brownfield.

So I'm joined by senior first officer, Richard, Reed and looking after you in the cabin today, your team is left buying customer service manager award and working alongside.

Thank you very much for reporting properly.

Uh, just taking just a little bit longer than we would like to, but we'll, just, um, a couple of those pieces to get sorted, but that's all now sorted and we're only ready to get ourselves in the way nicely.

I'm looking at today is slightly over the hour.

This headwinds all the way towards uh towards Glasgow today.

And with that, there may be a little bit of a little bit of Timeless, possibly I've been playing that here for around the first five or maybe 10 minutes time and possibility is concerned as follow the arrival as well again, just all associated with the weather systems, just making their way across the central part of the uh, the UK.

Okay, certainly to take our progress to automasking and suffice to say, the weather there is a similar to here in terms of looking field, but just a little bit to call the bike handheld devices, including mobile phones must now be in Flight safe mode or Switched, Off and held securely all placed into a pocket larger devices, including laptops must be switched off and stowed in your luggage during the flight.

All electronic devices must be switched off when not in use action and location and operation of doors in the event of an emergency, low-level lighting will guide you to an exit together today, please ask any member of the crew as a gentle reminder.

We do have a passenger on board today with a severe knots allergy.

So we ask, you kindly refrain from consuming, any of that container products foreign twenty thousand feet it's under 80 miles, quite a strong habit, we're expecting to be touching down, and in five minutes ahead of schedule.

Now four minutes ago, my about 17, 50 temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

You may continue to use any handheld electronic devices for landing larger items, including laptops must now be switched off and stowed in your luggage foreign so arrived about 10 minutes late just need to get my taxi.

Now so wondering let's go play hide and seek and try and find the taxi.

Well, foreign just like that.

I am now home.

So I've got changed quickly there and just want to relax now.

So hopefully you enjoyed that video that's a video that I wasn't going to do a vlog that I wasn't going to do, um, not a lot to understand that.

But if you wanted to to see what that flight consists of, um would have been cool to get a window seat, always like a window seat.

But they hope that's.

The only seat that was available really I mean that was a full plane and to be honest fight was fine.

It was okay, A little bit of turbulence, but nothing nothing major.

So if you enjoy that content, you know what to do? Hey, subscribe it's free to subscribe subscribe, um.

So I do all sorts of videos, travel adventure and theme, park, it's, the same it's.

The main criteria main themes that I do.

But yeah, I am tired from well, kind of really from yesterday that turned me out from the Orlando theme, doll, Orlando inspired day in London, which was great.

And obviously the full weekend as well.

Now, I need to edit.

So I haven't even edited this video yet, or any other videos from the weekend so I need to edit all them.

And put them all up there's, not going to be our schedule over here.

I'm gonna pick them all up there, just because I have so much content coming so much, um, Adventure.

So much I, don't know what I mean, there's, just so many things about coming here coming up a mixture of all those things travel, uh, theme.

Parks, and how do I give too much away? Uh, all coming up in this Halloween season and I've got a trip to Orlando Florida again, October, yeah.

So much things coming so join the community comment down below like share and all that stuff.

So probably a second hearing me, I'm gonna go I'm gonna relax start editing and I'll.

See you in the next video.

Thanks for watching see you then bye.


What planes do BA use out of London City Airport? ›

Embraer 190 (BA CityFlyer)

BA CityFlyer, British Airways' wholly owned subsidiary, operates the Embraer 190 aircraft from London City airport to UK domestic and European routes. The Embraer 190 is a narrow-body, twin-engine jet airliner manufactured by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company.

What is British Airways most used plane? ›

The Boeing 777 ranks among the most popular widebodies ever produced. As such, it makes up a large part of many airlines' long-haul fleets, including British Airways. According to data from ch-aviation, it operates 43 Boeing 777-200 aircraft (41 active) and 16 larger (and longer range) 777-300ER aircraft (14 active).

What plane is used on my flight? ›

Visit Google Flights's homepage. Enter your flight details and select a flight. Click the down arrow button on the right-hand side of the flight option to expand the details of the flight. You'll see the plane type at the bottom of the flight option's box.


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