Summer holiday in the Zillertal (2023)

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    Mountain in love in the Zillertal

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Escape from the daily hustle and bustle and recharge in the mountains where nature is beautiful in the summer. From sporty enjoyment to ultimate relaxation and from mountain adventures to culinary enjoyment; it's all possible in the Tyrolean Zillertal surrounded by the three-thousanders.

Summer holiday in the Zillertal (2)

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Hiking on the Penkenjoch mountain, Zillertal

Zillertal Tourism / Andre Schönherr


When the sun shines and it slowly warms up, nature in the Zillertal comes to life more and more. Especially in the impressiveHigh mountain nature park of the Zillertal Alps, where you will find about 1,300 plant and 9,000 animal species in the 422 km2 of untouched nature. It is therefore not surprising that many hiking and cycling enthusiasts like to go out in the Zillertal. With 1,400 hiking trails, 72 routes to impressive mountain giants above 3,000 m, 150 mountain huts and 1,300 km of cycling pleasure, sporty connoisseurs are definitely in the right place here.

Also typical of the Zillertal is the cosiness, the traditions in music, costumes and crafts and the hospitality. This is reflected in all four holiday regions of Fügen-Kaltenbach, Zell-Gerlos, Mayrhofen-Hippach and Tux-Finkenberg. Regions you use with theZillertaler Activcardcan explore extensively with the whole family. For example, you get on the cable cars and public transport for free. In addition, you benefit from many discounts on all kinds of trips in the mountains. Whatever makes your heart beat faster - culinary delights, golf between the three-thousanders, throwing snowballs on the glacier or that exciting Klettersteig - the Zillertal makes holiday dreams come true.

That is why you choose the Zillertal this summer

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    Zillertal Active Card

    Zillertal tourism / Christoph Johann

    Zillertal Tourismus GmbH


    All inclusive Zillertal Activcard

    Buy the Activecard online or on arrival for the whole family. This is possible for 3, 6, 9 or 12 days. This way you enjoy plenty of benefits.

    Choose discount
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    Natur Eis Palast at the Hintertux Glacier

    Zillertal tourism / Tom Klocker


    Snow fun in the summer

    Throughout the year you can enjoy the snow on the Hintertux glacier and Europe's highest playground Luis' Gletscherflohpark.

    Discover the glacier
  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (5)

    (Video) ZillergrundRock - Summer Holiday Impressions II | The Luxury Mountain Resort at the Zillertal

    Schwarzsee in het Zillertal

    Zillertal Tourismus GmbH / Carolin Nitzsche


    Zillertal Alps Nature Park

    More than 40% of the entire Zillertal consists of this Hochgebirgs-Naturpark. Good for 422 km2 of nature full of plants, animals and butterflies.

    Discover pure nature

The best adventures for families

  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (6)

    Spieljochbahn in Fuegen


  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (7)

    family fun at mountain lake Fichtensee, Zillertal

    Zillertal tourism / Christoph Johann


    Fichtenschloss and Fichtensee

    A play park of over 5,000 m² with a castle and a lake, memories are made here!

    Read more
  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (8)

    Mayrhofen mountain railways


    Motor skills course at the FunSportStation

    Test your motor skills or rent a mountain scooter!

    Read more
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    Hiking with the family on the Penken mountain, Zillertal

    Zillertal tourism / Christoph Johann


    Pepi's children's area, climbing garden, swing paradise

    Finkenberg on Penkenjoch is a real paradise for our smallest friends. From a choice swing to climbing and scrambling or a pleasant family walk.

    Read more
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    Gletscherflohpark on the Hintertux glacier

    TVB Tux-Finkenberg / Johannes Sautner


    Luis Gletscherflohpark

    Even in summer you can throw snowballs at an altitude of 3,250m and slide down the mountain on rubber tires.

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5 special mountain experiences

Summer holiday in the Zillertal (11)

Balancing on the Nepal Bridge

Gather courage, buckle up and balance like a tightrope walker over this thrilling rope bridge on the Spieljoch mountain.

Read more

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Nepa Bridge on the Spieljoch, Fügen

Spieljochbahn Fuegen / Andi Frank


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    Almflieger on the Gerlosstein, Zillertal

    Zillertal tourism / Johannes Sautner


    Flying with the Almflug Gerlosstein

    Experience this Flying Fox 2.0 and race with the Almflug at max. 50 km/h over the Gerlosstein area.

  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (13)

    Falkner Oasis

    Mayrhofen mountain railways


    Playing and relaxing on the Ahorn

    Up with the Ahornbahn and enjoy the view, lake, playground and circular walk at the top.

  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (14)

    Natur Eis Palast at the Hintertux Glacier

    Zillertal tourism / Tom Klocker


    Glacier playground at 3,250 meters

    Visit the highest playground in Europe! Snow tubing and throwing snowballs in shorts.

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    Flowering of alpine roses at the Schleierwassserfall waterfall near Hintertux, Zillertal

    Zillertal tourism / Thomas Pfister


    Panoramic walk Schleierwasserfall

    Hike with a beautiful view of the large waterfall.

Summer holiday in the Zillertal (16)

4 Alms March in Hochfügen

Zillertal Tourismus GmbH / Bernhard Huber


Grease the legs!

(Video) Familienurlaub Sommer Zillertal ~ Family summer holidays in Zillertal

Looking for nice walks?

1.Four Alms March in Hochfügen: during this classic from Hochfügen, after a steep start, a varied route of more than 7 km awaits with great views!

2.Through the picturesque Schönachtal: walk with many cozy huts along the way. Up to the Issalm, this unspoilt valley is easy to do with a pram.

3.Varied Stilluptal waterfall route: tip for a hot summer day! Adventurous route along wildly flowing streams, waterfalls and refreshing breaks along the way.

4.Learning about the peat soils on foot: first up with the Finkenberger Almbahn 1 where the fascinating moor learning trail immediately starts with lots of information along the way.

Summer holiday in the Zillertal (17)

Grieralm, Zillertal

Zillertal Tourismus GmbH / Phillip Geisler


Good food & enjoy the view

The nicest mountain huts

1.Mountain Loft: directly at the Spieljoch mountain station in Fügen at 1,865 m you can eat the most delicious pizza on the terrace of this award-winning restaurant.

2.Rössl Alm: In this cozy wooden mountain hut with mega terrace, traditional Zillertal dishes and specialties of the house are on the menu.

3.Gschösswandhaus: while the parents relax on the terrace with a drink after a walk, the children can enjoy themselves on the trampoline and go-karts.

4.Berggasthof Grieralm: in the middle of the Tuxer Alps at 1,768 m – a real natural paradise – you will find this cozy wooden alm with homemade delicacies.

  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (18)

    From € 489 per person

    Ferienhotel Sonnenhof


    Ferienhotel Sonnenhof ****s

    Surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Zillertal Alps, right on the edge of Zell am Ziller, it is wonderful to stay in the Sonnenhof ****s. Wellness gift voucher valued at. € 30, but also bicycle, MTB and e-bike rental.

    4 nights in a double room incl. half board
  • Summer holiday in the Zillertal (19)

    € 910,- for 2 persons

    Hotel Landhaus Alpenherz


    Landhaus Alpenherz

    An attractive hotel in the heart of the Zillertal Alps, where an active nature experience and Burgundian enjoyment go hand in hand. Leave everyday stress behind and enjoy the little things in life.

    7 nights in a double room incl. half board

Even more inspiration for a summer in the Zillertal

  • Hmmm: Zillertal donuts

    Holiday in the Zillertal? Then you must try Zillertaler Krapfen! To lick your fingers so good. The tasty filling of potatoes, graukäse, cottage cheese and chives is wrapped in a lightly salted dough of flour and milk, after which the Krapfen are baked golden brown in hot clarified butter.

    Discover the recipe

    Summer holiday in the Zillertal (24)

    Zillertal donuts

    Zillertal Tourismus GmbH / Kevin Ilse


  • Summer top events

    On holiday it is always nice if a party, festival or music performance is planned. Are you in Finkenberg on August 5 and fond of Tyrolean music? Then the Open Air performance of the Schürzenjäger is a hit! The real mountain goats, on the other hand, will be at the start of the Zillertaler Steinbockmarch on August 19: no less than 30 km long and more than 1600 meters in altitude.

    Discover all events

    Summer holiday in the Zillertal (25)

    hiking in the Zillertal valley

    Zillertal tourism / Tom Klocker

    Zillertal Tourismus GmbH


Zillertal Tourismus GmbH

Commercial area North 1

6262 Schlitters


0043 5288 87187

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Is Zillertal worth visiting? ›

From lush meadows to glistening glaciers, the Zillertal Valley is full of those picture-perfect alpine landscapes you will be familiar with from postcards. Visitors to the region can explore on foot, by cable car, by bike or on the impressive alpine road winding its way up into the mountains.

What is there to do in Zillertal for kids? ›

  1. Hiking with the whole family.
  2. Bathing fun for the whole family.
  3. fun tobogganing for everyone.
  4. Ice Skating in Zillertal.
  5. Snowtubing at the winter magic Ginzling.

What is Zillertal famous for? ›

The Zillertal is well known for its nature, the mountains, culture & tradition, the ski areas, hiking areas and much more. The Valley extends from the Tyrolean Inntal (Inn Valley) into a southern direction and it is crossed by numerous side valleys.

Is Zillertal good for skiing? ›

What is the skiing like in Zillertal? Whether you're looking for forgiving family slopes or long, sporty downhill runs - every level of skier will find ideal conditions and perfectly groomed slopes to suit them in Zillertal.


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