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The Zillertal is a beautiful mountain valley in the Tyrolean AlpsAustriathat has something to offer for everyone. With five different ski areas to choose from, as well as plenty of hiking trails and other activities, Zillertal is well worth a look. Zillertal is also a great place to simply enjoy the outdoors.

With its breathtaking landscapes, Zillertal is a perfect place for walking or hiking in the summer. And in winter the Zillertal turns into a winter wonderland, with snow-capped mountains and Ski Zillertal 3000, one of the largest ski areas in Europe.

Zillertal vacation has both winter and summer accommodations

Zillertal is a valley in Tyrol, Austria. It is about an hour's drive from Innsbruck, and the climate is cooler than the city. In summer, the Zillertal is a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers.

The Zillertal Alps are a beautiful sight, and the area is renowned for its skiing and snowboarding. But it is also a great place in the summer months. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, including hiking, mountain biking and swimming. In summer, popular places such as Mayrhofen, Zell am Ziller and Gerlos offer numerous excursions and activities.

The weather in Zillertal in summer and winter

In the winter months it is cold in Austria. So cold that most of the mountains are covered with a thick layer of snow. Perfect of course for skiing, snowboarding and of course sledging. From December to March it is snow-certain here. Is the layer too thin? Then the snow cannons lend a helping hand.

As a winter sports enthusiast, you know that on sunny days you can often sit in the sun without a jacket. On dark days, when it is snowing or windy, it can be very inclement. You will even encounter temperatures well below -10. So make sure you bring enough warm clothes.

In summer in the Zillertal a sunny destination. Temperatures are just above 20 degrees, not too hot, but nice and summery. The mountains therefore invite for activities such as hiking or cycling. And do you also want to experience the snow in the summer? Then go to the glacier.

Sights Zillertal


This is one of these villages, and it is located at the foot of the Ziller river. The village is known for its stills, which are used to make a type of alcoholic drink called Zillerbluat. Zillerbluat is made from a variety of fruits and flowers and has a sweet, floral flavor. The village of Stilluptal is also home to a number of traditional Austrian buildings, including a church and a school.

Adventure Dairy Zillertal

Here you can learn about the local tradition of cheese making. The farm offers guided tours, and visitors can even try their hand at cheese making.

In addition to cheese making, ErlebnisSennerei also offers the opportunity to taste some of the delicious local cuisine. The farm's restaurant serves traditional Austrian dishes made with Zillertal cheese and is the perfect place to rest after a day exploring the valley.

Schlegeis reservoir

One of the best ways to experience Zillertal is to visit Schlegeis Stausee, an artificial lake surrounded by mountains. There are a number of things to do at the lake, including swimming, sunbathing and hiking. There is also a cable car that takes visitors to the top of one of the nearby mountains, where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley. The Zillertal is an ideal destination for those who love nature and outdoor adventure.


Nestled in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is a picturesque city with much to see and experience. It is about an hour's drive from Zillertal. Visitors can explore the historic old town, stroll through the pretty parks and gardens, or take a cable car up to the iconic Tyrolean Alps. There are also numerous museums and galleries to visit, and a variety of shops and restaurants.

Zillertal beer museum

Zillertal is world famous for its beer, so it's no surprise that there is a Zillertal beer museum! The museum is located in the heart of the Zillertal and is housed in a building with an old half-timbered construction. Visitors can learn all about the history of brewing in the Zillertal, as well as how the beer is made today. There is also a tasting room where you can sample some of the local brews. The Zillertal beer museum is a great way to learn more about the culture and traditions of the region.

Hainzenberg gold mine

One of the most intriguing sights is the Hainzenberg gold mine. Visitors can take a guided tour of the mine to see firsthand how gold was mined in ancient times. And for those who are adventurous, there is even an opportunity to try your hand at panning gold.

Hintertux glacier

One of the main attractions in the Zillertal is the Hintertux Glacier, which can be reached by cable car. Once you get to the top there are a number of different trails you can take to explore the area. You can also ice skate on the glacier or take a ride on the Alpine Coaster, a toboggan-style ride that descends the mountain.

Steam train Zillertalbahn

This is a steam train that runs through the valley, and it is a popular tourist attraction. The Zillertalbahn has been running since 1884, and it is Austria's oldest steam train. It is about 16 miles long, and will take you about an hour to drive from start to finish. Along the way you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in the Alps.

Reservoir Durlassboden

One of the best ways to take it all in is by visiting Durlassboden Reservoir. The artificial lake is nestled high in the Zillertal and offers a beautiful view of the alpine landscape. Visitors can walk or bike around the lake, swim, or even try stand-up paddle boarding. In addition, the area is popular for its climbing and Via Ferrata routes.

Tasting at Stiegenhaushof

Located in the heart of the valley, Stiegenhaushof is a family farm that makes the best cheese in the region. Visitors can tour the farm, meet the cows, and see how the cheese is made. best of all, they get to taste for themselves! The tasting room offers a variety of cheeses to choose from, as well as fresh bread and homemade jams. It's the perfect place to stop for a snack after a day exploring the Zillertal.

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There is plenty to see and do in Spieljoch, including skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. You can also take a cable car to the top of the mountain for a bird's-eye view of the Zillertal valley. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even try ice climbing.


This area is known for its scenic beauty, and there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. Whether you want to explore the valley floor or head into the mountains, you'll find a route to suit your fitness level here. One of the most popular trails is the Zillergrundweg, which follows the river Ziller over 20 kilometers. Along the way you will pass through forests, meadows and traditional villages. If you're looking for a challenge, try the Ahornweg trail, which takes you to the top of Mt. Maple feeds.

Go for a Zillertal holiday

Zillertal is a great holiday destination for both adults and children. The area offers a wide variety of activities ranging from hiking and biking in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Zillertal also has a number of lakes, which are perfect for swimming or just relaxing. In addition, the towns and villages in Zillertal are very picturesque and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy. Overall, Zillertal is an ideal destination for a family holiday.

Will the Zillertal be your next holiday destination in summer or winter?



What is Zillertal famous for? ›

The Zillertal is well known for its nature, the mountains, culture & tradition, the ski areas, hiking areas and much more. The Valley extends from the Tyrolean Inntal (Inn Valley) into a southern direction and it is crossed by numerous side valleys.

Is Zillertal worth visiting? ›

From lush meadows to glistening glaciers, the Zillertal Valley is full of those picture-perfect alpine landscapes you will be familiar with from postcards. Visitors to the region can explore on foot, by cable car, by bike or on the impressive alpine road winding its way up into the mountains.

What are the best villages in Zillertal? ›

Located in the heart of the Zillertal Valley, the village of Aschau is the ideal location for visitors wishing to explore the region and experience its many outdoor activities – from hiking in summer… Brandberg is a small, sunny village in the Zillertal Valley surrounded by the Zillertal Alps Nature Park.

Where is Zillertal Austria? ›

The Ziller Valley (German: Zillertal) is a valley in Tyrol, Austria that is drained by the Ziller River. It is the widest valley south of the Inn Valley (German: Inntal) and lends its name to the Zillertal Alps, the strongly glaciated section of the Alps in which it lies.


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