This is the new Ford Transit Custom Nugget motorhome (2023)

Ford unveils the latest generation of its Transit Custom Nugget motorhome. The popular camper van was developed in collaboration with the converter Westfalia and offers the latest in driving experience and ease of use.

Also as PHEV

For the first time, Ford Transit Custom Nugget buyers can also choose electrified powertrains, including a new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) option. The 'multi-zone' interior layout known and loved from previous generations will of course return.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget

The latest-generation Ford Transit Custom Nugget builds on the same all-new Ford vehicle platform introduced earlier this year for the new Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom. Customers thus benefit from advanced design features, improved connectivity and safety-enhancing technologies. In the interior, a high-quality finish and improved functionalities are the most important developments, in addition to an extra power point in the form of Pro Power Onboard and a handy solar panel for the roof that is optionally available from Westfalia.

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170 pk sterke EcoBlue-motor

The next-generation Transit Custom Nugget will be launched in phases, starting with the Nugget Titanium with pop-top roof and 170PS EcoBlue engine with eight-speed automatic transmission. This version can now be ordered immediately with an estimated delivery in the spring of 2024. The Dutch Ford agents work together with the Dutch Westfalia Campercentrum in Barneveld, the largest motorhome specialist with more than 20 years of experience. Additional models and grades, including the PHEV powertrain, will be introduced over the next 12 months.

All the benefits of the new platform

Going on a road trip usually means driving hundreds of miles over long days. Ford has made the most of the luxuriously designed cabin of the new Tourneo Custom. By applying a high-quality finish and carefully selected materials, the comfort experience of the occupants is significantly increased.

Important purchase argument

The improved ergonomics and ease of use of the cabin itself is an important purchasing argument for many Nugget customers. The new dashboard design and flat floor facilitate access to the cabin and make it easier to move from the two front seats to the living area. The innovative roof-mounted passenger airbag helps to optimize the layout of the dashboard and provides easier entry in combination with the side steps.

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A true first for the new Transit Custom Nugget is the introduction of a PHEV powertrain. It shares its technology with the Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid – Europe's best-selling PHEV in 2021 and 2022. The all-new Nugget uses a 2.5-litre Atkinson petrol engine with an 11.8 kWh (usable) battery and an electric motor that together provide a combined output of 233 horsepower.

An all-new chassis with independent rear suspension sharpens handling considerably. Future four-wheel drive models will also be available for customers who use their motorhome to explore adventurous areas, such as outdoor sports venues or to drive away more easily from a (muddy) festival site.

SYNC 4, Android Auto and Apple Carplay as standard

The stylish dashboard features a fully digital instrument panel and a large 13-inch touchscreen. Ford's latest SYNC 4 software makes it easier than ever to find a destination, be entertained and stay in touch with family and friends. The system's navigation, audio and communication functions can be operated via the touch screen or via voice control. Of course, wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay phone integration are standard.

Lane Keeping Aid

Special attention has been paid to making the new Nugget safe and easy to drive, even for drivers used to smaller cars. In addition to a passenger car-like seating position and an efficient eight-speed automatic transmission, the Nugget features a range of advanced (optional) driver assistance systems. Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Keeping Assist makes long journeys on the highway or in slow-moving traffic less tiring. Reverse Brake Assist, Blind Spot Assist and a camera system with 360-degree visibility support drivers when maneuvering in tight spaces.

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Proven motorhome concept further improved

Ford and Westfalia have significantly raised the level of quality and ergonomics in the new model, completely redesigning the living space while retaining the popular 'multi-zone' layout with separate areas for cooking, living and sleeping. Thanks to this unique interior design, even with two double beds set up, campers can move around the cabin, cook a meal or get in and out of the vehicle without disturbing each other.

The seating area is a safe and comfortable place to travel and easily converts into a dining and sleeping area when the Nugget is parked. In addition to optimized storage space and the highest quality materials, Ford has also added a host of features, including:

  • A heated driver and passenger seat with swivel function
  • A unique three-seat heated rear seat, allowing five occupants to travel in complete comfort
  • Standard audio system and USB-C ports for rear seat passengers

L-shaped kitchen

The optimized layout of the L-shaped kitchen makes cooking more enjoyable. Thanks to a practical refrigerator with drawer system, bottles can be placed upright and access is improved. Combined with the new, integrated hob and sink – now with a hot water function as standard – the tidy surface offers 20 percent more work space than before. Soft-close latches and fold-out handles protect children's fingers and dampen noise while driving.

The all-new Transit Custom Nugget features significant design improvements over the previous model, including a folding mattress section to increase headroom in the kitchen while the top bunk is still in place. Also new is a rail-mounted rear seat with new controls that allow one-handed conversion from a seat to a bed. A rear mounted shower with cold and hot water function is now standard. The camping experience is further enhanced by all-new features, including:

  • Functional pop-up roof with new self-folding fabric to make it easier to lower the roof
  • New integrated storage areas for the supplied outdoor table and chairs
  • Practical blackout roller blinds with easy operation for more privacy

Standard 5G modem

In addition to camping equipment additions, the all-new Transit Custom Nugget also offers high-tech features to improve connectivity and comfort on the road once parked. Wireless charging and a standard 5G modem keep everyone entertained and connected without worrying about a dead phone or running out of data. The optionally available solar panel on the roof helps to power appliances or charge the household battery. In good weather conditions, the panel can generate more power than the built-in functions consume.

In the living area, a 7-inch touchscreen provides easy monitoring and control of the Nugget's heating, water level, battery level and lighting. This includes new functionalities, such as:

  • Control the advanced LED interior lighting, including customizable color mood lighting
  • Tilt sensor to assist leveling on uneven ground
  • Bluetooth-enabled app that turns smartphones into remote control for interior functions.

The all-new Transit Custom Nugget continues Ford's long-standing partnership with leading motorhome manufacturer Westfalia, placing the company in an ideal position to cater to Europe's strong demand for compact one-ton motorhomes.

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